Friday, May 22, 2009


They strike like a nightmare and blow away everything. This is wat i m goin thru these days as my exams are near.....they are more pAINFULL AS THE timetable was declared just 15 days before :(

so we are supposed to finish the project and give the externals and appear in the exams as well plus the temperature in rising up these at an abnormal rate.....and as i am an APRIL BORN i dont like this hot for a few days i will not be able to write new posts, so those who are missing me i will be back by 15 jun and those who dont miss me have a nice time



P.S. i have already given so much of time in reading others' posts and posting comments but now i m feeling very scary as my first paper is on 27 and i dont know wat paper is that..and the next is on 29 :( :( :(...i m goin now bbye [sobbing ]

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love with night

In deep dark sky,
I search for light.
Small distant stars,
Try to shine bright.
I extend my arms,
With all my might.
Hold my gaze n,
I Pounce to hug ‘em tight.

Few of them get friendly,
With few of them I fight.
It feels like heaven,
At times I love the sight.
Yes u guessed it right,
I m in love with this night.