Friday, July 3, 2009

Clash Of The Titans

Disclaimer: The pic here gives the overview only as this is not at all related to what really happen between me and YOU papa (coz i know U will read this post for sure :D)

Many times i find myself stuck in such a situation......... i wonder what is the problem with me or what is with HIM ?? We never come to a same consensus...our choices never match, we hardly agree on any matter. I am talking about the compatibility of thoughts and almost everything. I m talking about me and my DAD. Its not that i have certain bad feelings for him or that he do not loves me, but something somewhere goes wrong and we end up fighting with each other (verbally and not physically ).
I always keeps on behaving according to him as he likes me to do , but my certain things turns him red hot. Once i asked him, am i your adopted child ?? and he was mad like hell ....his face was complete RED i really mean this..

We don't even agree on the choice of clothes that we make for each other, the clothes i get for him never suits him :( . But this is not the case daily.... some times the tuning goes well and then we behave like age old best friends :) Even i think wat was the thing that day , that made it work...but its really hard to figure out ...... and unfortunately i am unable to "save those settings" as usual.......but still life goes on and we(me and my pappa) never forget to patch up at night....when its his turn to ask for an apology he gets me something that i crave for, like a cool watch (he gave me last night :D) and when its my turn i just give him warm hug , and starts murmuring into his ears..."DAD i love you and i promise i wont fight the next day but i cant give any guarantee for the day after tomorrow" ;)