Friday, July 3, 2009

Clash Of The Titans

Disclaimer: The pic here gives the overview only as this is not at all related to what really happen between me and YOU papa (coz i know U will read this post for sure :D)

Many times i find myself stuck in such a situation......... i wonder what is the problem with me or what is with HIM ?? We never come to a same consensus...our choices never match, we hardly agree on any matter. I am talking about the compatibility of thoughts and almost everything. I m talking about me and my DAD. Its not that i have certain bad feelings for him or that he do not loves me, but something somewhere goes wrong and we end up fighting with each other (verbally and not physically ).
I always keeps on behaving according to him as he likes me to do , but my certain things turns him red hot. Once i asked him, am i your adopted child ?? and he was mad like hell ....his face was complete RED i really mean this..

We don't even agree on the choice of clothes that we make for each other, the clothes i get for him never suits him :( . But this is not the case daily.... some times the tuning goes well and then we behave like age old best friends :) Even i think wat was the thing that day , that made it work...but its really hard to figure out ...... and unfortunately i am unable to "save those settings" as usual.......but still life goes on and we(me and my pappa) never forget to patch up at night....when its his turn to ask for an apology he gets me something that i crave for, like a cool watch (he gave me last night :D) and when its my turn i just give him warm hug , and starts murmuring into his ears..."DAD i love you and i promise i wont fight the next day but i cant give any guarantee for the day after tomorrow" ;)


nandita! said...

I am not that close to my parents either. And the verbal fights keeps aggravating each time I visit them. But that doesn't mean I don't love them. I do but I lack the ability to convey it I guess.. That is something you have to be born with; it cannot be acquired!

Anyway your father is proud of you! Trust me it is always the case! :))

Vinnie said...

:)...u guys will outgrow this phase...sweet expression at the end:)

Word verification word: phony !!

Sneha said...

The good part is that your dad has given you freedom to express yourself otherwise in many cases the kids have to keep their feelings within themselves which ends up ultimately with a bad outcome.:)

have a nice day.:)

P.S:-Do you know how much word-verification irritates? ;)

Amrita~Ams said... thing to say..
ur dad is cute..:D
the way you described him :)

Tickled pink said...

Hey Suyog
any father would go red with anger if his real son doubts something like this. But the last para has done a good patch up with the first.
your Dad is very cute and so are his gestures.
I'm very very close to my parents and so frankly speaking I was moving away from here. But good that I stayed till the last para which is really good. Your Dad loves you and you love him too. Right??
Sweet one.
take care

Girl Next Door said...

Hey Suyog ! Don't feel bad.. It happens in most of the families.

Either between sibblings or parents and chldren. Difference of opinion always exist. But at the end of the day we all know, they love us unconditionally..

Take Care Buddy :)



last two lines are really funny..
by d way.. it happenes with everyone..
b/w friends , b/w brothers n sisters, b/w husband n wife..
bt d thing is that if end is well everthing is well..
but still try not to fight with ur papa.. ask him not to do so too..
try to avoid.. n try to figure out wht makes him happy..
thn i think things will go more smoothly.. :)
gud luck..

Blue Moon said...

Hello Suyog,

First of all THANKS A TONNE FOR VISITING MY BLOG. I’ll look forward to your responses.

Your post is extremely good , & I have no right to judge your verdicts, but I just wanna say that, a little bit of adjustments not only with parents but with anybody can create wonders. I know, Sometimes we do have different opinions for a single subject, but it is the difference which makes us different from others. I don’t want you to follow whatever I said, but I think YOU CAN THINK OVER IT, ATLEAST FOR A WHILE.

Its just a friendly suggestion & it entirely depends on U whether U want to adopt it or not.

Let me admit one thing that I liked your post……….

Do visit my blog regularly, as your comments r really precious.

Keep Smiling………….


Deepika Gupta said...

verbally and not physically lolz.... thats obvious.. he is ur dad of course :)

Adopted child... :O STUPID!yeh Q koi poochhta hai kya :P

DAD i love you and i promise i wont fight the next day but i cant give any guarantee for the day after tomorrow... Cutest line :)

Sharad said...

lol.... is it the Suyog I know??? I never knew u had a blog..

Give my regards to kaka!! and wish u all the best with ur fights.

Keep fighting.. with fun... thats the spirit!!

Abhishek Sardar said...

I would say you are doing be the pain in the ass...that's the spirit!! :)