Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Q. "Whats ur hobby ??"
A.Reading books, playing cricket, watching movies ........etc.

This is a quite common question people ask each other when they meet ?
i also have hobbies like gardening, dancing, but i was never satisfied with these hobbies. So today i thought i should also try blogging(just to get one more name on the list of my hobbies).
To be very frank i joined after being influenced by one of my friend. I never knew she was carrying such thoughts in her mind and as she told me its the best way to express yourself(actually this is modified coz she thinks of this on some other way).
so will be trying to play with words.

P.S. the pic is drawn by me !! isnt it cute??


anky said...

gud start!!

wanna read more from you

Amrita~Ams said...

ahem ahem...
welcome to bloggers world ;)
looking frwd to hv moe frm ur side